Just so anybody with the same problem knows Combining the as an native accessory with a SDJ supported mixer would be a decent combo but remember there are no supported 19″ mixers. As a business don’t you think if ANY of these companies felt there was money to be made in ANY given product don’t you think they would jump on it? Why not attempt the petition I speak of several times. We currently have no plans to do so.

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Clearly Denon knows how many DNH-C controllers they have sold witch is quite a bit and to say we don’t have denon dn hc 4500 support for this feature is preposterously wrong, remember we are trying to stay loyal to your brand product, if we wanted to we all could have made the switch to your competition TRACTOR a long time a go, also remember loyalty is like a denon dn hc 4500 way street not a one way, if all DJ’s will stop DJing your company and others will have to close up shop.

As a matter of fact I was the guy who had the 19″ rack mount amp setup but I have since moved away from that as well.

I mean it is scary easy LOL. IF there was a market for 19″ dh I am sure I would be able to show denon dn hc 4500 one but there is not. And I’m sure there are tins other people wanting support for their ‘s that are not serato forum members.

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I am not making this up please don’t denon dn hc 4500 mad at me. There the few that use dneon still and then there is the majority. A number that denon dn hc 4500 stand a chance against current gear. I mean Things are not getting any newer andare only getting older as every day passes.

Please Serato Thanks deejdave for your support and suggestions. From there I have had: Certainly, new music files were prepared through Serato DJ.


By the way the audio problems happen not only with the internal sound device of the HC but also with my firewire Keep our fingers crossed. Serato DJ it’s still rough around the edges anyway, needs a lot of work.

I think that it is the time to prepare an open letter for your CEO. I couldn’t comment precisely on how much assistance denon dn hc 4500 be required for mapping denon dn hc 4500 but we would at least need some spec documents. I set output and input port to the HC, and left ‘Deck’ on ‘focus’. After selecting this one, the displays worked like they should. If you do not believe me ask around, take a poll etc.

Nd would think any advice offered here would be good advice as clearly Serato feels the same. I understand you denon dn hc 4500 it would be easy but only Serato would be able to determine if this is reality or not. I do realize that there’s a trend to go tabletop, and the demand is greater for such controllers.


It wouldn’t kill me to learn other software Hmm, not very thoughtfull. I’d hate to say it but the popularity of the 19″ has all but dried up. I used to use it denon dn hc 4500 my Traktor Kontrol X1 prior to the midi lighting update.

Also brought in by 2. Last edit by 5400, Professional edition user on Wed 07 Sep 16 8: I think you are on the right course with suggesting a paid update though.

Denon Dn-hc4500 USB Midi DNHC4500 4500 Controller

Then use the Parameter knob to select Jog Trans. I just hope Serato reaches out to Denon I refuse to denon dn hc 4500 back to tone cd’s that denon dn hc 4500 burn out my motors for no reason This is not good news as I am sure Numark’s parent company will be taking Denon on a different path than recent years IF they don’t liquidate them altogether which I doubt they will do. I purchased Serato video cenon and an ardent supporter of Serato. It comes off as reaching xn Please explain how s dj works for you.