When complete, the system will display a program number such as P Hardware Enhancement for Your Digital Workflow. Tape Op is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record making. The B-control firmware upgrader can now see the device. I personally have no Behringer horror stories to share. Wed Mar 01, 1:

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This mode allows you to easily dynamically change the setting of a parameter – but that change will disappear when the Chroma is restarted or when the patch is reselected. The BCR allows for 32 different Presets to be stored. Is it worthy of a spot in your arsenal of gear?

BCR2000 Set Up

The BCR rotary box has twenty-four rotary knobs instead of faders and is otherwise identical to the fader box. After no success getting Cubase Bcr20000 to talk with the fader box in generic controller and Mackie mode, I trolled the forums and found that the Mackie HUI emulation was working for other users.

The bcd2000 steps outlined in this discussion would be appropriate for that sort of mapping too – but the actual parameter mapping would be different. If you want to mix up to eight channels at once, the BCR is a solid option.

Sat Feb 25, 6: Mon Feb 27, 6: To customize your controller settings MIDI channels, button behavior, etc. By Kent Barton On Nov 27, Win XP home can see the bcr device.


Noi problems there either. These text files can make editing faster when compared to using the graphics user interface of the program by allowing direct access to parameters, text strings and the like.

Both controllers are equipped with a simple LED display reflecting the active function.

Rhodes Chroma ยท Behringer BCR BCR Set Up

I’ve had good luck using the Behringer Composer in both live and studio settings. Bill Cheney and Jim Romney are the men responsible for keeping the amazing legacy of Spectra Sonics, a legendary, if criminally unheralded, pro-audio company alive. Wed Mar 16, 2: Did you reboot after installing the driver? If a knob has an LED on, then that knob is active.

Ultimately, productivity and creativity will benefit greatly from having a physical connection to tracks in progress. Behringer gets bashed a lot because they’ve managed to drive down the price of project studio gear significantly without raising or in some cases maintaining the level of quality set by manufacturers like Mackie and BOSS, whose gear Behringer has been known to imitate.

Over the bbcr2000 five years, quite a few DAW controllers have come onto the market that offer up such features as motorized faders, shortcut mifi transport buttons that give direct access to commonly used The communication mode of the BCR is set as a global setting in the unit. Fri Feb 24, 9: The data provided here is only intended to be one possible configuration – which might be used as a starting point.


Also had problems updating the firmware and sending new presets, neither Behrigner’s firmware update utility nor BC-Edit can see the device.


I thought I’d been sold a dud. The display of the BCR should return to normal. They can also make it much easiser to move parameters from one knob to another.

It makes no sense. This box was one of the first TRstyle drum machines that appeared in the ’90s, precipitating a flood of Bvr2000 TR-X0X-style hardware and software that has yet to subside.

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Then in a panic, I did a windows xp home device manager Update Driver, and let windows search for the driver itself. Tape Op is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record making. Dunno, maybe re-install the drivers?