What shold I do to watch youtube videos? First off does this make sense http: When the partition is encrypted, the HP pre-boot applications cannot function. Launchpad couldn’t import bug from Linux Kernel Bug Tracker. Then the eth0 device would no longer work. Sorry, I don’t know anything about background – try searching on http: You know what I bet happened, install recognized my wireless as eth0 and wired as eth1.

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BounceBack Data Transfer Some random quote about hillary clinton on FOX which my dad is watching for some reason. Alacrityathome alacrityathome wrote on Well thanks for the help. I’m not familiar with the consequences of not using visudo, but that could be your problem.

UEFI pre-boot guidelines and Microsoft Windows 8 UEFI Secure Boot for HP Business PCs

Sound Recorder not working? You have to pay for it. And what about input sources? The information will be listed but not changeable.


I’m not saying it’s a democracy, i am just warning of the consequences of ignoring this issue and bricking people’s computers.

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Transit is barely an optionand almost all errands require a car. Server management tasks keep administrators.

Business Notebook nc software overview Abstract Simply saying “if your computer breaks, tough luck, we warned you” will not garner any respect among linux users. Allez a ubuntu-fr ou kubuntu-fr pour de l’aide et de la discussion en francais.

Using PXE Technology on Compaq ProLiant Servers – PDF

WhoNeedszzz, ok did you stop the window manager rrdhat install the nvidia binary from console? I’m not sure yet, but I may be through with Ubuntu, period. User Guide – English. The following errors may be displayed if a problem occurs when launching UEFI applications: The people subscribed to this bug have either been affected by this bug such as myself, I filed this bugor are trying to fix it.

I thought lah said communism was autoritarian. Or if not public yet any chance of emailing it to quentin dot jackson at exclamation dot co dot nz? This kernel contains a load of fixes for the ee driver. Chris Jones cmsj on Was the recovery tool ever published?

Linux on HP Laptops & Notebooks

Somehow, we’ve managed to produce a stick of dynamite with a lit fuse. For future reference, what is the de-facto place to go to 8510s my own Ubuntu questions without bugging this channel first? Gives a stack trace and then disables, based on “nobody cares” it actually says this in dmesg. This is stock Gutsy install with the exception that I downloaded Mplayer from Synaptic. The problem will usually show up within reboots.

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YES, its’ not Ubuntu’s fault. Microsoft, Windows, and More information. How many testers will you have got left? Hi Chris, Just an update here in case you missed chatter in kernel on Sept 03, tim has already began investigating this issue.

Pre-boot security requirements notebooks only Signed pre-boot applications When a pre-boot application is launched, it has as much control of the system resource as the BIOS.